Twitter marketing | Twitter Marketing tips to grow your business

Twitter marketing | Twitter Marketing tips to grow your business

 Following a good Twitter marketing strategy can help grow your business /brands faster than most social media platforms. I am not saying that Twitter marketing is the best, of course, it has its own challenges.

 Twitter marketing

Even though the average lifespan of one tweet is just about 18 minutes and one tweet is times shorter than anything on Facebook in shelf life. This can make tweets to be lost easily. But if you employ the right Twitter marketing strategies you can command a lot of attentions and people can listen to you on Twitter.

 Twitter can be a powerful tool  in growing  your business is you use the right strategy. In this article, I’ll show you some guides that will help you grow your business using Twitter.

Twitter marketing strategies

To be successful on Twitter as a brand, you must define your set goals. You can’t just be on Twitter when you don’t have a purpose being there.

Anytime someone or your boss asks you why the business has to be on Twitter, you should be able to give the following reasons:

  • We can generate leads and sales on Twitter
  • Build and increase our customer loyalty
  • Create more brand awareness
  • Reduce customer support costs.

Having this in mind, you can easily achieve your purpose on this digital marketing social media platform. However, following the following Twitter marketing strategies below, you’ll able to  grow your business Faster than your competitors:

Know your competitors

Firstly, you must know about your competitor’s ability and weakness on the platform or on other social media platforms. When you know their weakness, you can now employ other strategies that’ll ensure that you take the lead in the business.

Know your target Audience

Every brand on a social media platform has people that it serves. You must know the target group that your brand is meant for so that you can focus on them.

Focusing on a particular audience will help them to engage your brand/products and they’ll end up being your customers. If you continue, most of them can go as far as being your brand ambassadors.

Manage your Twitter accounts well

The size of your company can determine to a large extent if you’re to have a single account or have many accounts for every department.

Creating a Unique Twitter presence

Your posting should have some unique characteristics to make the content to stand out.

Using Twitter Tools

You leverage Twitter’s website and apps for sending occasion tweets or sending direct messages. With the Twitter tools, you can achieve the following:

  • Generating leads- This will enable you to know people that engage with your brand. You can as well get to know if they are sharing your brand.
  • Getting industry influencers
  • Analyzing your completion-With this, you’ll get more info on their tweets, hashtags, follower, mentions, etc.
  • Get Trending topics- Through trending events, you can get more sources to write on or to improve your products. You’ll get more from hashtags, search terms, sources etc.
  •  Editing and adding images to your tweets
  • It helps to manage your followers; you can add, follow or unfollow fans. Most times you may have to unfollow inactive or Spammy followers.
  • You can use to time your posts to achieve more results.
Building higher Twitter Profile

Twitter engagement can build your business a great Twitter account. From this, you can have trust in your audience and increase your business appearance in search results.

Listening and learning from Audience Response

For businesses that have more to do with broadcast content to their follower, it’s advisable you listen to your followers and know how they perceive your brand in the market.

Just by listening to your followers, you can know what your audience is interested in. You’ll also know the content they respond to and engage with. If you’re listening to your audience, you must not the following:

  • You should know how they pronounce your brand name and the spelling
  • How they mention your product names
  • If they mention your competitors and how often they mention them.
  • Your Brand slogan, industry buzzwords
  • If they can mention your CEO or Public rep names and the spellings too.
  • If they know or mention the campaign name or keywords.
Creating Unique and great content

Even though Twitter gives you 280 characters to write, you can still create some unique with this. For those that have a company blog or website, dropping a link will help your follower to get more information on what you’re writing about.

 Creating great content can actually help your audience that they can read and use it. If you continue doing this, they’ll find your article so useful and they‘ll keep coming to your page.

Using Hashtags

The use of Hashtags makes your content post to be seen by lots of followers as possible. When you use Hashtags, your content gets grouped with other relevant Twitter content.

So, it’ll help Twitter users to find your content easily.

Not every social media user know the science of using hashtags, however, when used well, it can give you some advantages on your content.

 Using Multimedia to engage your audience

Most people who use social media love videos, images, and GIFs. They tend to get more convictions when they see it in videos and images, so why not give them what they want. This very important because if you don’t, someone else will provide it and they’ll go after the person’s products.

Posting content at the right time

Since Tweets don’t last, you need to know when your target audience stays online most. So, if you can tweet at the right time, you’ll reach the most potential followers and get your highest engagement.

You should as well, tweet regularly, use analytics to fine-tune your approach and schedule your posts.

Engaging your audience

You need to respond to your audience’s questions as soon as possible. By this, you have to respond quickly, retweet, like, and follow your audience.

 Monitor your brand and measure results of performances

This Twitter marketing strategy is very important for you to know how your Twitter engagement is doing. Set time to follow your competitors, listen more, and have a better way to manage issues with communication.

For measuring your results, you can use Twitter analytics to evaluate your success and know the kind of content that your community engages in.






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