University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships in Sciences

University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships in Sciences in  2022/2023

University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships in Sciences in  2022/2023

The University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships in Sciences is a very great school that accepts applications from focused candidates globally for them to take part in the Excellence Fellowship for 2022/2023. This fellowship involves all disciplines involving sciences in Switzerland.

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In this university, the faculty of science with the backup of external bodies partnering with them has teamed up to make this fellowship program open for interested and brilliant students who desire to have a Master’s degree in science. The discipline you will choose is the one made available by the faculty.

The University of Geneva in Switzerland is sponsoring the scholarship. And the scholarship will be taken there as well. The research scholarship is the scholarship type. The scholarship worth is very affordable and it’s up to CHF 15’000per per year. The level admitted are postgraduate that wants to do their masters. All international students are welcome to apply.

The requirements eligible-University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships in Sciences

As long as you have a good result and the best grades in your set in a school, no matter who you are or where you are from, or what you’re doing, this fellowship program has you in mind and you need it too.

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You will have to reach the admissions requirements concerning the master you want to do and be chosen according to your application process for a successful fellowship.

This fellowship also makes available a lot of science inclined disciplines like biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, computer science and so on.

The fellowship rewards

You stand a chance of being awarded a grant of about CHF 10’000 to CHF 15’000 per year as long as you’re doing well academically at the end of your first semester and it can even be extended to the end of your program.

The procedures for applications-University of Geneva Excellence Master Fellowships in Sciences

Everything concerning the application for this great university is being done online. You will get an e-mail that’s having a link, when you click on it, leads you to a place where you will fill a form(application form).

The application whether in English or French should consist of the documents listed below in a single pdf file;

  • A copy of your National identity card or passports
  • A copy of all the exams written and passed during your bachelor’s study with all grades intact
  • Thirdly, a letter that portrays your scientific interests and reasons in wanting to do the Master of Science program at the University of Geneva.
  • A referral letter by two professors should be sent to the [email protected] speaking of your dedication to the program

The online form will be open in January 2022

The application deadline will be on 15th March 2022 but for masters, it will begin around September 19th, 2022.







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