Verizon store near me

               Verizon store near me: What is Verizon store-Locate Verizon store

                              Verizon store near me- what is Verizon store-Locate Verizon store

Verizon is known to be one of the largest communication and technology companies that give data, voice, video services. Moreover making it also a solution, an award-winning network or platform.

Verizon store near me

This delivers to customers on demand for mobility reliable network connectivity and also security control.

Verizon company was formed on the year 2000 June 30th however is one of the world-leading communication and technology services.

The headquarters is located in New York City and also has branches all over the world. Research has found that Verizon make about $128.4 billion in the year 2020.

Verizon stores are known as authorized Verizon retailers. They are people or company that has been ushered licensed by Verizon to sell the product and services.

Those companies or stores are not owned by Verizon they are down by the individuals or a group of individuals and can even employ people to work for them.

                         What is Verizon products-Verizon store near me?

You must be wondering what kind of service do Verizon give or what are they product like.

Whether they are even important to you or how originally are their product. The answer is yah very original products are important to everyone using a device; here are a few products Verizon offers to you.

  • Business bundling plan

Bundling is all about saving money when you run a business your time must be valuable to you. Just because every second of your made counts has a meaning to you.

That is just the main reason why Verizon business bundling is made to give you the best values for you.

Whenever you go for business bundle your business TV, internet, and also phone services will go into one single bill.

Which makes your life more simple and business transactions more smother. Make you afford to give your customers the experience they deserve and without a worry about how to pay the bills.


When it comes to shopping for a phone choose nowhere but locate a Verizon store near you and pick your choice of phone.

Verizon phones are known to be strong, have longer batteries, and larger networks like >5g, 4g network features. You can see any phone of your choice on the Verizon store at a lower cost.

Data plans for business voice

There are many data plans for businesses here are a few plans for data plans.

  1. [International roaming > this involves international day pass>automatically applied <unlimited calls /SMS>200MB per day data is allowed in any country]
  2. [international calls, SMS, for use at Australia>PAYG/$10/mth for international pack to 20 destination .and MMS75c each massage].
  3. [$149 fee Redemption only available when you upgrade in the last 12 months of your plans and when you return the existing device in good condition].
  4. [device payment contract >DPC available for 28 or 36 months] 5. [Stay Connected Advanced > available on $15 per month}s, these are the available plans you can go for.

One Talk

This is a multi-line telephone which connects your office phone to your mobile device. That provides a callers location, message, call history, and call forwarding features,

Mainly for employees in the business who want a convenient way to communicate to their customers using the same number on different devices.

They are many benefits of using one talk in your office to find out more login to >Verizon one

Digital business voice

This is an advanced service on a 100% fiber network, Which provides or gives you unlimited calling both local and long-distance within the united state?

However, you can also manage your call them from your offices and between your devices also receive voice mail, audio file sent to your email. Moreover, you can also control how and when you call by using flexible call management.

Business flexible planes

This plane connects an unlimited number of devices with a shared or customized amount of data.

This makes work easy for every one Verizon grants access to almost 10 phone lines on any of your data plans.

In addition, it comes with flexible data you can share data for the entire device connected with your account.

Bring your own device

Bring your own device also known as [BYOD] is a program you bring your phone to Verizon to supply the data plans to you.

This program allows you to activate a Verizon wireless 4g and 5g LTE or unlock the phone on a monthly device.

You must make sure your device is unlocked before you transfer data to another device.

Blue jeans Verizon

Blue jeans by Verizon is an empowered face-to-face communication. This uses video conferencing to add solutions to help in bringing people closer for the more amazing collaboration.

This platform combines high-quality HD videos, Audios and web conferencing.

However, providing the capability for meeting large interactive events and audiences makes room for a one-touch video conference. They are many benefits of using blue jeans log on to >

  • International plans Verizon

This plan is specially made for the business owners who travel around the perfect plan for customers who love to use the cell phone without worrying about any extra added cost you can make use of this plan while traveling to over 185 countries.

  • Voice plan Verizon

This plan comes with a feature such as voice mail and unlimited calls at monthly subscriptions. This voice plan connects your home services by utilizing a wireless signal that is received by a professional device that is installed.

              What are the benefits of being a Verizon customer or agent?

Being a customer of Verizon you don’t only enjoy the amazing coverage network, you can also benefit from some nice services offered.

  • Secure instant savings

 Shopping with Verizon can grant you access to amazing kinds of deals, traveling more often, and reward claims through the mobile app.

  • Great Discount

However,  just like many companies that offer a special discount to agents or customers, Verizon does the same. A  product of $15 can be given to the special customer or agent at just $12 per product.

  • Not just a shopping app: amazing to know that the Verizon app is not just for shopping it also serves as a massaging app.
  • Free Netflix premium: in addition when you register with Verizon you get for yourself a free Netflix for a year. Wow, this sounds like the greatest a company can give you but Verizon gives it to you just for free,

               How to locate a Verizon store near me

Now I know you can’t wait anymore to be a customer or Agent here is how to locate a Verizon that is near to you. Whether you want to shop or need support it is very important you first make an appointment with them so they can prepare for you a warm welcome But walk-up customers are also very much welcome any time to locate any Verizon near you

  • log in to > a map will display
  • tap on the map left up to view a larger map.
  • Click on the red symbol on the map a small pop will appear
  • the name, address, and store rating will appear on the pop-up.


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