Vine App | Vine App Videos Features & Benefits


Vine App | Vine App Videos Features & Benefits

Vine app is also known as “Twitter Instagram” and it has over 13 million users around the world who share video clips of up to 6 seconds. It is used by Twitter users who have more than photos to share; comedians and news reporters.

Vine app

It’s a fun way to share videos between friends and is currently only available to iOS users, videos are created when you press and hold your finger down on the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPad touch. Providing users with 6 seconds of tape for their videos, vine lets you start or stop recording as many times as you’d like in those 6 seconds to include various scenes. It can also be used to create a stop motion video, moving the object slightly between each clip. You can also record audio with the vine app.

Immediately you’re done creating your Vine video, the options of sharing your video on Vine, Facebook or Twitter are available. Also, you’re allowed to caption your video or add a location to it and the vine is also saved to your device’s camera roll

Benefits of Vine App

  • Free unlimited uploads.
  • Explore trending posts, editor’s pick, and featured hashtags.
  • Find, follow and interact with people that follow you.
  • Easily create short looping and beautiful videos in a simple way.
  • It allows you to post videos on a vine and then share on Twitter and Facebook instantly.

Vine App Features

The vine video sharing app comes with the following amazing features;

  • Enables Vine users’ record short video clips of about 6 seconds long.
  • The in-app camera records only while the screen is being touched allowing users to edit or create stop motion effects.
  • Curate channels made available with themed areas and trending topics and users.
  • It allows users to ‘revine’ videos on a personal stream.
  • It offers protection on posts.
  • Grid and ghost image tools for the camera.
  • Vine activity helps to notify you of fellow Viners interaction with you such as ‘likes’.
  • Its explore gives you the ability to explore the vines of people you’re not following.
  • Your profile shows your presence on the app.
  • Feeds are the vines of those you’re following on the app.
  • Auto plays from your timeline or while browsing.

 Create and share your own Vine App Videos.

The steps below show you how to simply share your videos or those you create on the fly on Vine.

  • Click the camera icon in the app and press or hold down your finger on the screen to make your 6 seconds recording. In a case where you want to change your scenes, let go on the screen and add mini clips then press the screen again to continue recording.
  • Take the same process if to add mini clips if you want a motion stop effect. The Vine app will then stitch your several clips in one place for your vine.
  • Click on the ‘upload’ icon at the left of your Vine shooting interface to upload clips from your camera. Grids of your videos will appear, make a selection to post.
  • Trim; if your video is longer than 6 seconds and crop the page that appears.
  • Then share.


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