Virgin Money Credit Card – Card login, Offers and Benefits

Virgin Money Credit Card – Card login, Offers, and Benefits

I’m sure by now, you know about the outstanding benefits, features, and rewards Virgin Money credit card holders enjoy. This is available when you apply for Virgin Card online, via mail, or in person. Traditionally, like every other credit card, it’s compulsory to activate your card before use. Thus, it unlocks the card’s full card features and benefits when you activate it.

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Many times, you can’t even make purchases with your card if not activated. To help you enjoy the full benefit of the Virgin Card, we have written this article. This article will guide you through the Virgin Card Activation process. Read on to discover all.

What Do I need to Activate my Virgin Money Credit Card?

How do I activate my Virgin Credit Card? This is the question we are about to answer. To activate this card is easy, but there is a pre-activation regimen. To activate your Virgin Money card you must have first created an online account.

Its  Account creation gives the sign-in access to activate and manage your card online. All these can be done on

When you visit the site above, you can simply sign in if you have created an account. If not, you can register by tapping the Sign in/register button. Let’s guide you through the signup process quickly.

Account Sign Up

To manage your card online follow these instructions to register for the Virgin Card account.

  1. Firstvisit
  2. Then choose which credit card you have (Virgin Money Credit Card)
  3. Then tap on the Register
  4. Now enter the following: first name, last name, date of birth, card number, and registration code.
  5. Then tap the continue and proceed to create your login credentials
  6. Lastly, complete your account sign up

Virgin Money Credit Card Reviews – What you Need to Know

Credit cards were created to meet cardholders’ or customer’s needs. However, customers have different needs. This is why there are different cards tailored to each customer’s needs. Having this in mind, Virgin Money offers two different credit cards that answer customers spending demands.

Each Virgin Money credit card type comes with unique features. As well as benefits, and rewards including extra perks and a lot more.

The Clydesdale Bank PLC issues this card. There are two types of Virgin cards; Visa Money credit card and Virgin Atlantic Credit Card.

Virgin Money Credit Card Activation Procedures

Virgin Money Credit Card can only function when it is activated. Basically, this tells users who just got their card delivered to them that it’s not the option to activate their card.

The process of card activation is extremely simple as ABC;

  • First, visit
  • Then sign in to your credit account
  • Now locate the card activation section and tap activate the card
  • Then provide all the required activation details: Card number, SSN, card PIN, etc.
  • Then click on activate


To manage your account activities will need a login. Activities including bill payment online and other transactions, you will always need to log in. You can always log in to your account using your login credentials.

  1. First, open your web browser
  2. Then visit
  3.  on the login interface, key in your User ID
  4. Then key in your password
  5. Then tap on SIGN ON.

Forgotten User ID OR Password

You can recover your user ID or password when it is forgotten. You can do so with your card number when you visit Just tap on the “Forgot User ID or Password?” question link to do so.

Check Card Application Status

If you have applied before, it is possible to check your application status. To check your application status, you’ll provide;

  • Your Application Reference Number
  • Fill in your Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Your date of birth

Customer Care Service Support Lines

Their customer service is always available and ready to help. In the case of declined credit card transactions and Verified by Visa, please call: (Foreign operator number) then request +61 2 8225 0838

For normal customer care service, please call: (foreign operator number) then request +61 2 8288 2222.

Contact Address

Virgin Money

Customer Advocacy Unit

GPO Box 5208

Sydney NSW 2001

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