What is Kik App used for

What is  Kik App used for : How to download Kik App?

What is  Kik App used for: How to download Kik App?

Kik was originally made to be a music-sharing app before it was transformed into a massaging app. The app gives users the ability to send a limited SMS it allows you to message directly from the application. Kik app was founded by Ted Livingston, who was born in the year 1987 in Canada.

What is Kik App used for

By 2009 he and a group of students from the University of Waterloo in Canada provided Kik messenger for mobile messaging services,

This messaging application can be used both on android and IOS devices just like WhatsApp and Viber app. Kik has some additional functions that make a great difference to other messaging applications,

The extra function makes users spend more time within the app, Kik is not a dating app but it lends you to meeting new people

                    What are the features of the Kik app?

What is  Kik App used for 

Kik app is mostly used around USA, Canada, Germany, UK, and so many other Asia countries,

Kik app is the best massaging app because of the amazing features it comes with, and here are a few great features it comes with.

  • Free HD video calls and voice: This allows you to be in touch with your friends and family mostly all times both do abroad and within the nation, you can have a great video call together with no interruption or fee
  • Instant messaging: why still live in the boring SMS when you can switch to a better fast messaging with no fee
  • Large file and multimedia shares: with the Kik app, you can share any document or file without any limitation and size you can also send the video along with your message to your friends or contacts
  • Timeline shares: you can also share updates, photos, and status on your timeline this will save you’re the stress of sharing them one by one to your contacts and you can also get to know who view your timeline and when it happened
  • No extra fee: Kik makes only use of your data or Wi-Fi for any activity you will love to perform on it,

Apart from these features above you will experience many more features when you sign up with them

                      What are the benefits of the Kik app?

Kik is an app that sends and receive a message just by making use of Wi-Fi or any mobile data,

However Apart from sending messages users can easily send multimedia through the app examples images, emojis, and Gif,

When many other massaging apps make use of numbers Kik app only requires your user name…

Kik has become more popular overnight for its sexting ability that the platform is now known to be the world’s best sexting app.

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                        How to download the Kik app

Before you get to use Kik account you must first download the app,

Here are just a few steps on how to do that.

  • Visit the play store
  • Search for >kik app
  • Tap on the app
  • Click on >install
  • Log into your Google app account
  • Give Kik permission on your device
  • After it is done downloading install it

                       How can I sign up for a Kik account

Do you want to have a Kik account don’t know how to start?

No worries we get you under control sign in to your own Kik account with no trouble, here are a few steps to go about it.

  • Click on the app
  • Scroll to >new to kik
  • Tap on the >register
  • Provide the information you are being asked by filling in each box
  • Set your photo
  • Tap on >register
  • Click on the >find friends
  • To confirm your email >scroll down and click on the blue box>here to confirm your email

           How secure is my information on my Kik account
your information on Kik is as secure as 96% if only you take the following step below

  • Chose a strong password: the most important way to keep your information secured is by having a strong password or gateway your password must contain numbers alphabets and some signs.
  • Send or share information to the right ones: never give out you give out your personal details to strangers like your mobile number, email address, and location.
  • Manage your message: if a person who is not in your contact list send you a message on Kik it will appear under the >new people< heading they profile will not be shown don’t reply or accept unless you go through their  details
                               What are the disadvantages of using the Kik app?

Meanwhile no matter how good or important an app is there is always the bad or dimed part of it, here are a few things people say is bad when using the Kik app.

  • Gives strangers access to one profile
  • Kik is a window for sexual predators
  • Sexual active users
  • No end to end encrypted messages
                       How safe am I from the authorities on the Kik app here

Kik allows users to send a secure message to anyone over the internet,

However not giving the authorities any personal information that can be used against you.


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