What is Social Media | Features of Social media


What is Social Media | Features of Social media

Social media in the present time means any web-based communication tool that helps people to interact with one another by sharing and receiving information. for some purpose or the other. However, the word social media describes sites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, Vine app, and others.

What is social media

However, it can’t only be just these websites or apps but it covers almost every website on the internet today. Even though some people will have this meaning to be restricted to online social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

What is Social Media

Seeing that most people have their own personal meaning to what social media is, it becomes complicated to arrive at a particular meaning. However, it’s better we see it from the individual point of view and also try to look at the word individually

AS a Social activity

Seeing it from the social part of it, it refers to interacting with other people by sharing of information and also receiving information from them.

The Media

Considering the media aspect of it, it refers to an instrument of communication such as the internet, TV, radio or newspapers.

Social media has a broad mean and as the world advances, its meaning gets broader.

Features of Social Media

  • Personal Account

Any site that allows users to first create their own accounts before they can log in to it can be said to be used as social media to share information and also, interact with others.

  • Setting up of Profile Pages

 We all know that social media works with communication, a profile page is very important. With this profile page, an individual can be well represented through the page and even help them to create their own brand.

On your profile page, you can include your profile picture, bio, website, feed of your recent post, recommendation and your recent activity and other things.

  • News Feeds

Once a social media user connects with other people, they’ll already want to get information from them. However, this information can be updated for them in real-time through the news feed

. Followers, Friends, groups, hashtags, etc

With social media accounts, you can connect with other users. Sometimes, others connect to you easily either as a fan, friend or group member.

  • Personalization

It offers users the opportunity to configure their profile user settings to have that specific w feature they like. It’ll help to organize their friends and followers and enable them to manage the information on their news feed. Also, it gives them feedback on what they’ll like to see or what they don’t want to see.

  • Notification

Once an app or site has a notification function, it plays that social media function. From here users can have the opportunity to control what happens. Here, they can easily respond to messages and also send their followers post from their site or app.

Updating of Information and Post Saving

Whenever a site allows you to post anything with or without a user account, it’s also known as a social media activity. Posting here can be a text-based message, photo upload or a YouTube video and it can link you to an article or other platforms.

  • Possession of like button and Comment Options

What is social media if not a platform where people can like and comment on a post? This is the most common way users interact on social media using the like and comment buttons. In the comment button, people share their views or thoughts on a particular post.

  • Allows Review, rating or voting

Generally, Social media users depend on the collective effort of the community to decide, rate, vote or review particular information.

 What is Social media networking?

 You don’t have to get twisted with ‘’social media’’ and ‘’social media networking ’’. This is because of social media Networking just a category of social media.

So, the media refers to the information you share and the links it has to any article or a video. Whereas the Networking has to do with the People i.e. your audience, who they are and the relationships you have with them.

Talking about your Network, it can include your friends, relatives, colleagues, mentors, customers and even strangers that you just stumble on online.

That’s to say that when you share media, you gather likes and comments from your social networking

What about traditional media?

The traditional media like the TV, radio, and newspaper are not really wholly social media. When you look at the TV, Radio, and newspapers, you don’t really at all times have the opportunity to comment, like or share your own opinion on the matter that they present.

So, we consider the traditional media as a one-way street thing.

Some issues you encounter with social Media

Even though social media can be fun with all games and activities, they’re problems that are associated with it.  Some of the problems are:

Spam: it’s easy for spammers to carry out their activities on social media. You see spam with either people or bots.

Cyberstalking:  Via social media, users mostly children and teenagers are prone to cyberstalking or Cyberbullying.

Overload of information: It’s easy to keep up with all the posts from your thousands of friends that you follow or that follow you on your Facebook, or Twitter account or any of the social media you’re using.

News exaggeration/Fake news: Most information on social media is over-rated and such can mislead a lot of people that follow the user.

Security compromise: Most times, social media hackers attack sites due to the inability of the site to protect the privacy of the users. Some don’t even have the right privacy option.


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