what is tidal | Best Fidelity Music Streaming | Audio | Music Videos


what is tidal | Best Fidelity Music Streaming | Audio | Music Videos

what is tidal –Tidal is a web music streaming platform. It combines both lossless audio and high definition music videos with complete content and special features on music.

what is tidal

Tidal is obtainable in over 40 countries. Therefore, songs on this music platform are over 46 million and over 190,000 high-quality videos. that provides passionate music fans both a premium and also the best fidelity music streaming CD, sound quality with high intent video, and good expertly content.

Furthermore, Jay-Z is the current owner of tidal. And also, many other successful music artists. This makes it the primary streaming service within the world that has an artist as its owner. Therefore, the concept of an artist-owning a streaming platform is to “restore the worth to music. Which is by establishing a service that an artist can control.

During the previous conference, Jay-Z himself, Beyoncé, Kanye West, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Jack White, Daft Punk. Also, Madonna, Alicia Keys, Arcade Fire, Usher, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin, deadmau5, J. Cole, and Jason Alden were present when the announce an introduction to the stage as “the grand owners of TIDAL”.

How Tidal works- What is Tidal music

Merely staring at it, Tidal.com appears like Spotify. there are an ideal Chrome-based web player and a desktop player for PCs besides as excellent iOS and Android apps. Therefore, this platform offers accurate playlist functionality.

Also, it offers the sharing of music and offline song listening. Furthermore, the library is additionally off to an honest start. this can be because it’s having quite 25 million tracks. We normally notice some floss in Tidal’s library when it had been first reviewed. But nowadays things are looking healthier.

Tidal has some differences from its other rivals. Because, rather than it serving up only compressed music formats like MP3 and OGG, as Spotify does. Google Play Music and most of the opposite music streaming services. Tidal provides music at CD quality. It streams music in sort of 16bit, 44.1 kHz FLAC files with a small amount rate of 1411kbps and it’s brilliant.

Tidal is quite a traditional FLAC streaming service. Though, it’s the design to be the final word music resource for fans of hi-fidelity music, providing playlists. Also, organizing recommendations by expert music journalists, to not mention 75,000 music videos.

what is Tidal Music Library?

The music platform went on board the united kingdom back in October 2014. this can be with approximately 25 million tracks in its library which was an honest start. Then, the CD collection and Spotify account were accustomed to guide our rummage around for all the music we consider ours.

When users explore for anything it’s always available. But also it wasn’t hard to seek out some exclusion. nowadays though, the Tidal catalog is more complete for all genres of music like

Hip pop



Country music




Gospel Hits

Inspirational and plenty of more.

For example, the favorite bands, Wolf Parade, were absent at the launch of the service but it’s now fully available. The Strokes were missing last year. Also, all their albums now have good accountability.

Folk-rock super band Bright Eyes is represented by two albums. rather than the complete roster and there also are lots of samples of bands and labels that are yet to be signed up. Finally, work is progressing though there some painstaking sign-up processes back within the days.


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