WhatsApp Business Plan | Whatsapp business plan app


WhatsApp Business Plan | Whatsapp business plan app

The WhatsApp business plan differs depending on the type of consumers they have on board. The WhatsApp business has been launched officially launched for Nigerians earlier this year. Whatsapp motive to earn from this new feature/software is for users to pay to get more features on the app.

whatsapp business plan

The app is mainly for free to use but there are other features that you need to unlock to make your business reach greater heights on WhatsApp. Once this account is activated, your account would go through the WhatsApp verification criteria’s just for WhatsApp to verify the business is real and not a scam.

However, there is more to know about the WhatsApp business than just what you may think you know already. The WhatsApp business is the business app that will last us a century in driving business successes. In this write-up, I would show you how you can effectively use the business app to grow your business and relationship with them it.

I’m quite sure that by now you already know some features of the WhatsApp business app, but if you don’t, I would list out a few and explain them shortly. One this you must know is that the WhatsApp business has an inbuilt feature that allows WhatsApp users to know if they are chatting with a business owner or a regular person.

Features of Whatsapp Business Plan

WhatsApp business plan has some good features which you can’t find anywhere else. The WhatsApp business plan has features such as the auto messaging tool whenever you are busy, it also has the popular WhatsApp web that enables you to use WhatsApp on your Laptop or PC for free and many more.  According to Whatsapp, the WhatsApp business is just the WhatsApp version of the Facebook business page.

It’ll surprise you just how much you can achieve with the WhatsApp business app for free. You may be asking, how do I use this app for business, you do not need to worry because the details and guides on how to start using WhatsApp for business are here for you.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business App

Growing your business with WhatsApp isn’t very hard to do, though it sounds stressful. Below are the five steps you can use WhatsApp to grow your business.

Users can use WhatsApp for business to grow your communication basis within employees

It helps in building strong customer communications

It serves as a WhatsApp customer support option for your business. You can build the best support team using this app.

It’s very good at marketing and promoting your goods or services to your contacts. Hence, it can spread your business like wildfire.


Whatsapp is indeed a very strong, powerful and convenient way to get to your customers and build those strong connections and trust in a business relationship. It fosters trust and a sense of security between business owners’ customers.

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