WhatsApp login

           WhatsApp Login: what is WhatsApp account: WhatsApp web com

             WhatsApp Login: what is WhatsApp account: Whatsapp web com

WhatsApp is a very popular app that allows sending messages received, and even making video or audio calls .With  the Whatsapp Login, you can access your Whatsapp app. However, the app is made available for both android and iPhone. You can use any number you like to set up your WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp login

                  What are the features of WhatsApp?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other related app WhatsApp has some amazing features installed it here are some of features.

  • Simple Texting: looking for the best way to send messages across? WhatsApp is a very liable app for sending and receiving massage. Why use SMS when you can get a massage delivered at a free instance.
  • Groups chat: group chat sounds like fun yes it is having a great talk together looks and seems amazing. So therefore WhatsApp has given you the privilege to do that even with you looking after other things no need to travel far before getting in touch with your loved one.

Also Available: Facebook  Marketplace

Voice and video calls

with this, on your palm, you can call or video call anyone from any part of the world till any time you like to end the call with no charges

End-to-end cryptograph

some personal messages, memories, and other attached things you want to keep private may be shared on WhatsApp and you don’t want anyone to know maybe apart from who you are sending it.

that is why this end-to-end cryptography was created this feature is one of the news in WhatsApp the feature helps in securing that item however making only you and the sharer aware of such conversations.

  • Sharing of photos and video: you can attach photos and videos to messages instantly however making the receiver easily understand your messages. In addition, you can also share memories with friends and family through these features.
  • Files sharing made easy: unlike some apps that don’t allow you to share some files or some certain size of document .whatsapp has made it easy by including the features of file sharing in the app in this case you are allowed to send almost document of 100MB with easy.
  • Voice message: just like some app WhatsApp also has voice note features .since typing takes time to finish sometimes you may be left with no time to type documents with thousands of words all you have to do is click on the voice note and say all you want to say and send to the receiver. These are the few features of WhatsApp

How to sign in WhatsApp account- WhatsApp Login

  • Download the app: to download the app goes to Google Play Store or Apple App Store. When you are  done with the downloads tap on the icon to open
  • Read the teams: review the teams and conditions if you can go by it then click on the I agree and continue button at the downside
  • Register: select your country from the list of countries provided make sure to provide your country code before inputting your phone number tap done then click ok then a confirmation code will be sent to your number enter the code that you receive from WhatsApp.
  • Set your profile: Yes, now that you’re already on  WhatsApp, you can now set up your profile. You’ll set up your profile by providing your user name, profile picture, and other details then, tap enter button.
  • Allow access to your contacts: allowing WhatsApp to access your contact will let everyone in your contact know you have joined WhatsApp!
  • Startup a chat: Now that you’re through with the registrations it’s time to start up a chat. So, g top and type a name in your contacts if the person is on WhatsApp the profile will show the last time he came online and if he is online it will also show. type a message and send. But if he is not on WhatsApp a message will show up saying you should invite him to WhatsApp
  • Create a group chat: this group is a place more than 100 people can chat together, video call themself. It mostly for family, old schoolmates, schoolmates, or any other meetings any information shared on that platform will be viewed by all those in the group.

How to connect WhatsApp to your Facebook page

Want to access your WhatsApp through Facebook? No troubles here are a few steps to take.

  • Go to your Facebook page scroll to the button right of Facebook and click
  • Click on pages then go down to your page
  • Tap just on the right top
  • Then click on WhatsApp tap continue
  • Enter your WhatsApp number and tap on send code
  • Follow the instruction that will appear after that and your WhatsApp is connected to your page.
        What is a WhatsApp business account?

WhatsApp business is created for small and large business owners. it makes easy interactions between you and your clients by providing some tools to automate and sort quick massages .it also labels to find you and also organize your chats easily.

There are also big differences between regular WhatsApp and business WhatsApp allows  you to make out a profile custom to fit  the product  and service that is being offered  by your company  you can also share your contact information

       Features of WhatsApp business account

Just like regular WhatsApp ,whatsapp business also has its own features are some of the features of business account. However, you must  use the WhatsApp login to access it. Below  are the features:

  • Creating business profile
  • Giving quick replies
  • Automatic greetings
  • Automatic replies
  • Contacts labels
  • Created massage statics
  • The Catalog  

Setting up your WhatsApp business account-Tips

  • Download the WhatsApp business form app  store s
  • Verify the chosen business number
  • Restore your account
  • Create your business profile go to <setting >business setting >profile provides the required information you need.
How to set your regular and business WhatsApp account on your pc/Mac

You can use two devices on your WhatsApp account here are a few ways to go about it.

  • Open the app from your phone
  • Go to the setting
  • Click on the link device
  • Then scan the QR code or label from the device to connect and use it.


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