WhatsApp Marketing | WhatsApp Marketing for Business growth


WhatsApp Marketing | WhatsApp Marketing for Business growth

WhatsApp Marketing is one effective way by which individuals can do strategic marketing. It helps users do close range marketing i.e., it can facilitate your market to people within your sphere.

whatsapp marketing

First, what’s WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a messenger app which helps individuals everywhere the planet connect using their mobile number

Using this app is extremely cheap because all it takes is network bandwidth.If you scrutinize all messenger apps, you may discover that WhatsApp has been singled at the top

Because it is the cheapest, most flexible, and most used. As a business person. I do know you would like more for fewer and this is often what WhatsApp bring for marketers

WhatsApp Marketing for Business

Using this app for your business is incredibly strategic and you’ll be able to find WhatsApp Marketing for Business in two ways which are:

  • Searching for them on Facebook using the Facebook search bar
  • Joining them directly on WhatsApp as group admin adds you up

If people have your contact, they will add you to groups.

You’ll be able to also commit to starting your marketing group where you add your friends, members of the family,

and others who are also inquisitive about what you’re marketing.

WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

This allows you to relate along with your audience one on one and show them what you’ve got for them.

WhatsApp allows users to share media randomly and pass information for all their contacts to work out.

WhatsApp has several means to pass information. With the introduction of things just like the WhatsApp statues where people can add;

  • Links
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Write-Ups etc.

You can benefit from the above to plug your brand or products.

As long as you’ll have the mobile numbers of your targeted audience, you’ll reach them with ease by creating a broadcast list.

Many people are growing their business from this and that I believe you’ll be able to too.

If you don’t want to make your group, you’ll seek marketing groups on Facebook by searching “WhatsApp Marketing Groups”.

How to Create a WhatsApp Marketing Group

  • Get to your Chats Tab
  • Click Menu
  • Click New Group
  • Add contacts (people) to the group
  • Click the Green Arrow
  • Add a group chat Subject (Title of your group)
  • Finally, check the green mark


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