WhatsApp Web | Steps to Use WhatsApp on PC | WhatsApp desktop


WhatsApp Web | Steps to Use WhatsApp on PC | WhatsApp desktop

WhatsApp web is a Feature on Whatsapp that allows you to access your Whatsapp on your laptop or desktop. All WhatsApp mobile users can use this feature in accessing their accounts on the computer.

WhatsApp Web

It’s really a great feature that saves users all the stress in transferring document files via cables.  However, users can easily access all their documents and images/ messages from their PC or laptop by downloading them and saving them in a folder in their system.

If you’ve  been asking how to transfer files from their WhatsApp to their system, here is the solution for you. In this article, you’ll see the easy steps to download Whatsapp files to your computers.

 You’ll also, know how to download and install the Whatsapp app. interestingly, know all of these will help you make better use of your internet, Whatsapp, and computer.

Steps to download and install your Whatsapp APK

If you want to download Whatsapp apk is an easy thing to do. If you must succeed in the download, follow the below steps:

  • You must have active internet service on your  mobile device
  •  Scroll to your device Google play store for android users or you can use your app store depending on the device you’re using
  • Enter Whatsapp in the search box and click the search button
  •  As soon as the Whatsapp icon pops up for download, click on the download button/icon to start downloading it to your device
  • So, after downloading it, click on the install icon to install the app on your device.

Now that the downloading is complete, move straight to your device app folders and launch the app.

You’ll need to access some of the setup processes to start using the app. However, the setup is quite easy and you just have to use your personal profile setup.

Notice: Whatsapp will automatically sync all your contacts that use Whatsapp app on your contact list to create and easy chatting from your mobile phone.

Steps to user Whatsapp on our Laptop/PC

If you want to use the Whatsapp web feature on your laptop, you have to know some things and how it works to achieve this purpose.

Here are the steps to follow:
  • Go to  your smartphone and open your Whatsapp app on the device
  • Just on the contact list, you’ll see a 3 -dot  icon at the top right corner of the page, tap on it
  • Then, you’ll see a small list of other features ‘’Whatsapp web’’ among them, click on it
  • Immediately, it’ll show you to connect to your PC through a browser such as Opera, Chrome, UC browser, etc
  • Tap on the + icon that’s at the top of the page on your mobile Whatsapp to scan the QR code from the web.
  • After this, open the Url  web.whatsapp.com on your PC or laptop. As it opens, you’ll see a QR code to scan. Place your mobile phone facing the QR code
  • Ensure that the scanner box fits into the bar code on your computer screen. Then, it’ll take some seconds to scan and connect.

 Once the scan is complete, your device will connect automatically to your computer. Then, all Whatsapp contact and messages on your Whatsapp account will connect automatically to your computer.  You’ll see al your messages on your mobile device on your computer.

Some Whatsapp web Scan issues and selections

Most users said they find it difficult in connecting their device to their PC/ Laptop. Such issues  that users face are:

  1. Poor internet connection. If you have poor internet, you’ll find it difficult in connecting to the PC – Ensure you have strong internet connection
  2.  If the scanner is Facing the up instead of directly to the  QR code- You can correct this by placing the scanner in the right position.
  3.  Being on the time out session: if the Whatsapp connection is timed out you can connect and if it happens, you’ve to start over again.

 I really appreciate your patience in reading this article  I hope it’s useful. If so, I’d like you to share with others on another social media platform that you’re into.

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