World Remit – How to Send Money on World Remit | World remit app login


World Remit  – How to Send Money on World Remit | World remit app login

Sending Money with WorldRemit

 With World Remit, you can transfer money to anyone.  If you’re looking for a fast, easy, and low-cost transfer app, World Remit could be a great choice.

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With World Remit, the fees are reasonable, and also the charge per unit is sweet.

It is best for smaller amounts of cash anywhere within the world. That’s to mention, you’ll be able to send money to anyone globally.

The money transfer company is headquartered in London, UK.

The primary function of this service is to truly remit money from foreign expatriates and people fascinated by international transfers.

It is fast-growing, unlike other transfer services; it’s new compared to most of them.

WorldRemit allows faster and better transactions, you discover out more by reading on. With World Remit, the fees are reasonable, and also the charge per unit is sweet.

World Remit Fee

Transfer through the service will have both a fee and a mid-market margin markup to them. Now, these are supported the following;

  • Location: fees and charges may very well vary depending on the country it’s being transferred to.
  • Amount: The fees and charges to be charged are looking at the figure that you simply want to send.
  • Delivery: sending money actually has higher fees, but sending it to banks is a tad cheaper.

One feature of this money transfer service is that unlike most services out there, it offers the identical rate irrespective of the number that you simply are sending.

Is World Remit Safe?

If you’re wondering if the service is safe and secure to use for your transactions, well the answer is a resounding yes!

Aside from being safe, WorldRemit is reliable and easy to use irrespective of the situation you’re.

World Remit App

With the WorldRemit app, you’ll be able to send money internationally with low fees and upfront exchange rates.

It allows you to transfer money to family and friends overseas in about 150 countries.

To use, all you’ve got to try and do is to download the app on your device at no cost.

WorldRemit is quick, simple, and secure to use and in most cases, your funds are together with your family and friends.

Using the WorldRemit app, you’ll be able to send money including monetary fund, cash pickup, mobile money, and airtime top-up.

There are some quite interesting features on the app like enabling you to trace your transactions.

So you’ll be able to always know the precise status of your transfer.

How to Download the App

The app is compatible with any device type means you can download it from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How to Use World Remit

WorldRemit is free, Yes, but that doesn’t mean once the app is installed, immediately you’ll start using it. Of course, you have to create an account.

The account is free and easy to make. After the account creation, there some information you’ll send or make a transfer.

Now, that brings us on the way to create a WorldRemit account.

World Remit Account

The account creation process is easy.

  • To create your account, all you’ve got to try and do is visit their website at or open the app.
  • And then select start. Follow the on-screen instructions and commence the method.

Information needed to form WorldRemit Transfer

The following is what you  need if you want to transfer money through WorldRemit;

  • The website link
  • A valid payment transaction.
  • Name and valid information of the recipient
  • Valid ID.

How to Send Money on World Remit

The transfer process is easy and quite fast to try and do. Follow these simple instructions to transfer money on the service;

  • Choose the country you’d wish to send to.
  • Choose the strategy of the transfer.
  • Then provide the number you’d wish to send, double-check fees, and rate.
  • Add the data of the receiver.
  • Then add payment information.
  • Finally select send money.

The money will get to you immediately.


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