Yahoo mail account login

Yahoo mail account login – How to login to yahoo mail account

Yahoo mail account login – How to login to yahoo mail account

Yahoo mail is a free email service that is founded by “JERRY YANG” and was offered by the American company. The app was launched in the year October 8 1997 and it is also known to be the third-largest email service.

Yahoo mail account login

With the range of 225 million active users every month as of the year 2011. This web allows you to send emails and also stay connected and access your emails anytime. I’ll explain to you  what you must know about Yahoo mail account login and other services it offers

However, also brings one of the leading search engines and large web portal that provides links to thousands of website

                        What are yahoo mail services?

About from being an email account here are a few other things you can do with yahoo

  • Yahoo games: this web provide you with real online games you can play online without downloading
  • Yahoo shopping: provides online price and where you can get your goods
  •  The Yahoo finance: gives your financial information and quotes
  • Yahoo map: gives you maps or directions to where you heading to
  • Yahoo messenger: provides quick and instant messages

              How to create a yahoo mail account

Here are 6 simple ways to create your yahoo email account and enjoy the services

  • Go to your browser and visit the >yahoo home
  • Tap on sign up button
  • Now provide every information your being asked
  • Click on the continue button to create an account
  • Add your phone number
  • Enter the one-time password sent to your number. Finally, your yahoo account has been created!

How to create a yahoo mail account on your iPhone

  • Go to your iPhone setting
  • Click >mail>account>add account>yahoo
  • Set up your account by providing some information’s
  • Open the mail app, also open the mailboxes screen.
  • Click on yahoo to open your yahoo mail inbox
  • Click on emails to read and share
  • The icon on the screen is for action on the email

                 Why should I use a yahoo mail account?

Creating an account with yahoo email will give you access to have a free account that you can use for the following

  • Free breaking news
  • Address book
  • Tech reference
  • Visiting business insiders
  • Content feedback

How can I  recover my yahoo mail account password?

You lost your password and you really want to make use of your account no problem,

We are here for you, just a few steps to recover your email password.

  • Log into >yahoo from your browser
  • When you get to the page click the forgotten password link to get started
  • A code will be sent to any number you used in registering the account
  • Enter the code to verify the account and proceed
  • Now create a new password and login into your account

            How to delete your yahoo mail history

Scared someone might be spying on your research or downloads,

No worries here are just a few steps to delete your history and researches

  • Visit on your browser.
  • Log in to your account
  • Tap on the trash icon very close to an address
  • Click on clear history
  • Then turn off your history

         You can also delete it by

  • Log in to with any account you want to delete the history
  • Search on anything
  • Go to the very bottom page and click on setting
  • Click on the history link
  • Delete any history you don’t want to keep one by one
  • Turn off the history by taping on turn history of

                  How can I  download files from my yahoo mail account

You came across a file in your yahoo email account and you want it downloaded and stored,

Here few steps to do that

  • Go to manage your information section go down to “download and view data”
  • Tap on download my data.
  • Then select all the files to download
  • Clink on nest
  • Enter your email address if you will love to get a notification when the download is complete.

                                      How to report a message as spam on yahoo mail  

You receive a wrong or a nude here are ways to report them to yahoo mail

  • Tap on the checkbox that is beside the message that you wish to report as a spam
  • Select spam toolbar that is above your inbox
  • Move the message to the spam folder
  • Select the action box
  • Then tap on the mark as spam
  • Select apply
How to report a message as spam on iPhone

Here are a few steps for iPhone users.

  • From the open massages tap on the folder icon.
  • Then choose junk

What happens when a message is reported as spam?

After marking a message as spam it goes into the spam folders,

However any future massage from the same source automatically turns into spam,

You can’t also be able to receive notifications or send emails to the source.

            How to recover or reactivate your old yahoo mail account

  • Visit the yahoo account recovery page
  • Provide your yahoo mail address and phone number then tap continue
  • Select the verification
  • Enter the code sent to you select continue to change the password.
  • Also, select again
                How to delete a yahoo mail account

Do you not want to delete your email account without any password nor is stress here the right place you should be,

With the following step, you can easily delete your email account

  • Go to your browser and look for the yahoo mail account termination page which you can also find at >
  • Log in with your information and password
  • First, go through the terms and conditions if you accept, click on accept it
  • Tap into the >continue and delete my account< instruction
  • Confirm the delete again and then follow the reaming instruction.

How to make sure your yahoo mail account has been deleted

Having doubt that your account is still active here are a few ways to confirm it has been deleted.

  • Go to the yahoo account recovery
  • Enter into your email address and click on continue
  • If a message like “sorry we don’t recognize that account /phone number” then means it was deleted.


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