Yahoo search | How to use Yahoo search- Yahoo answers


Yahoo search | How to use Yahoo search- Yahoo answers

Yahoo search is one of the best and affordable search engines in the world. It’s a great substitute for the almighty Google search engine.

yahoo search

It offers lots of searches that make it user-friendly. With this  search engines, you can get access to beautiful, interesting, and trending news around the world.

There’re a lot of benefits using this search engine in the engine.  However, to use this search, you’ll need to create a Yahoo mail.

Yahoo mail gives you a lot of access to using these search engines. Not only will you have your emails with ease you’ll enjoy fast emailing services.

Why will I use Yahoo for surfing the web?

This question might be popping up in your mind why you have to use the Yahoo search engine. Well, I’m aware of the other good search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. But here are the reasons why you need to usee Yahoo as your search engine.

If you’re a dedicated Googler or Binger, I bet, you’ll end up using  Yahoo. This has been the story of many who weren’t aware of the benefits of this amazing search engine.

To the surprise of all, Yahoo has really gone out of their way to create a Google-like search engine.

Here are the reasons to use Yahoo 

  1. Suggested Search queries- Using this search engine will provide users with greatly suggested search queries. Unlike Google, you’ll also use the Yahoo answers to get more info about a search.

Even though Google has proven to be a superior product, Yahoo is really a good match.

  1. Trending news update: Yahoo has a way of popping related news update to your search. So, with this update, you can get additional info regarding your search on this search engine

How to use Yahoo Search

Using this search engine to find information on the web depends on the keywords you enter into Yahoo’s website. Once you enter the keyword, Yahoo will take it and find the websites and articles that relate to the keyword.

It offers users lots of refinement and great results. These results helps users to do perform advanced searches. Also, it enables users to carry on searches with preferences.

Steps to use Yahoo Search

  1. Go to the Yahoo website, you’ll see the open box, enter your keyword, and click on the blue button by the right side of the box.
  2. You must be specific about the words you’re entering. Try to narrow the word to get the right answers you’re looking for. For example, if you want to search for dog Food, enter in the box ‘’best dog food’’ or ‘’ Method of feeding dogs’’, instead of ‘’Dog Food’’.
  3. Review search results-Once you hit the search button, it’ll provide you with relevant websites and articles from bloggers that match the keywords.
  4. Thereafter, filter the search results depending on what is published.
  5. You can also try Yahoo suggestions for different keywords. You can see this at the top and bottom of your search results pages. Clicking on the suggested keyword will help you get more info about the topic.

The search offers videos, images, news updates, and other relevant information that are related to your search terms.

Sign up for Yahoo mail and enjoy the great benefits in all the Yahoo services.



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