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YouTube Ads : How to do online video advertising on YouTube

Youtube Ads: How to do online video advertising on YouTube

Do you want to know more about YouTube Ads? YouTubewwwq32 is a video channel that’s trending in video display across the world. If you don’t know what YouTube is, you’re probably not in the 21Ist century. Everyone must have at one time or the other bumped into a YouTube video either to watch a movie or learn one skill or the other.

Youtube ads

However, the big question here is, How must people make money from YouTube. That’s where YouTube ads come into play. Youtube is no doubt one of the fastest growing social media sites for sharing videos and doing adverts.

It’s obvious that YouTube’s growing prominence in popular lifestyle is proven. It’s more than a video channel when it comes to business adverts; it tops other video sites in the world.

When it comes to having a large audience online, YouTube is the best place. Most celebrities have proven themselves via this platform.

YouTube Ads

For upcoming musicians, it’s a place to easily have a break. For sure many have had their break via YouTube. It’s obvious that Justin Bieber got his first discovery on YouTube and recently, it has made Psy’s hit ‘’Gangnam Fashion’’ The Maximum viral video of all time.  Obviously, it isn’t just an ordinary tile.

The ‘’Gangnan Fashion’’ has since reached nearly I billion views and  it has equated to critical YouTube marketing sales. Presently, YouTube gets over 1 Billion views per day. However, this is seen as the second –largest it’s a search engine on its own.

Advertising on YouTube Channel

Showing ads on YouTube is a great way to make your products know over the world. There’s no gainsaying that YouTube has taken over the online Video adverts. With all the educative videos showing on YouTube, Ads are growing on a daily basis YouTube. I’ll like to show you the Types of YouTube ads:

Six Types of YouTube Ads

  1. Bumper ads
  2. Non-skippable video ads
  3. Overlay ads
  4. Display ads
  5. Sponsored ads

While talking about the ads, let’s talk about the various categories of ads on YouTube.

Categories of YouTube Ads
  • True View Ads- This is a good way to pressure brand engagement on YouTube. Here, the YouTube producers that publish the true view advertisements will often see engagement with their other Content on YouTube.
  • However, you can skip the true view ads after 5 seconds. So, it has to make the first five seconds count. If you’re not optimizing primarily based on the motion or reach have to pay for the ads

However, it the viewer watches up to 30 seconds or even more, it makes it safe for advertising.

These ads are available in two different formats:

  1. In-Circulate advertisements
  2. Discovery ads.

The In-stream has an ad location, video length of up to 3 minutes. You can click on the website to see that there’s no copy length.

Discover has an ad location and the headline of 25 characters, with two lines of body copy. You can click your website and unlimited vieo.







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