Zoho mail Login | How to create Zoho mail account


Zoho mail Login | How to create Zoho mail account

Zoho mail login- Zoho mail is presently the first email hosting platform that offers users a free plan (for 1 domain name and about 25 users.  Well, it’s a popular email service to individuals that are getting started with their first customer email accounts and those that are starting a small business and also for professional branding.

Zoho mail Login

Zoho email login is your access to your Zoho email account. If you have a Zoho mail free account, you’re restricted to some features that paid plans offer. But before you choose any paid plan, ensure to read it well before taking any action.

One of the things you need to check is the storage capacity, then, ensures that it’s sufficient enough for what you want to use it for.

 However, Zoho mail offers enough space for storage. POP and IMAP access and other integration with instant messaging and other online office use.

Benefits of Zoho mail

  • Offers up to 1TB storage with 5GB free on your personal account
  • POP and IMAP
  • Labels and comprehensive search help origin
  • Emails creation and monitoring.
  • Email attachments up to 25Mb
  • File upload of about  1GB limit
  • Offers two-factor authentification
  • Allows email hosting for a single domain

With all the features above and more for those using the paid version, there shouldn’t be an office without a Zoho mail. It’s used for editing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. Interestingly, Zoho mail is really ambitious and it stands out in a desktop application.

The cons

  • Doesn’t offer automatic replies
  •  There are no saved searches
  • Absence of self-learning folders
  • No free additional storage. Users have to pay for additional storage capacity.

It helps you to set up a time mail account to retrieve emails from POP accounts and send from its web interface using all addresses.

Other features by Zoho Mail

It provides features like Zoho chat instant messaging and integration with Zoho apps. The email is a really flexible search option that allows you to combine files and templates that enable you to save email text for later use.

  To access all these features, you need to register or create a Zoho mail account. Thereafter, you can use your Zoho mail login to access the mail services and other features.

How to create a Zoho mail account

 This mail service works for both individuals and businesses. Creating an account is for free for individuals but businesses will have to subscribe to a plan to access more features of the email. For your email creation with Zoho, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the zoho website at www.zohomail.com
  2. Tap on the sign up red bar at the base of your screen
  3. Choose a subscription plan for business users or a free plan for new users/individual
  4. It’ll show you an option to sign up  with your own account or buy a new domain
  5.  Select a unique name
  6. Include your phone number
  7. Tap on the signup button

After the details and confirmation are sent to your mobile phone number for verification. Key in the verification code to verify your account and you’ll be directed to your Zoho mailbox. In the box, you can send emails to verified Zoho mail account. For those using the free services, you are charged anything/fee.

Requirements for creating a Zoho mail account

  • Your first name
  • Email address-fill the email address which shouldn’t be more than 6 characters, but less than 30 characters
  •  It needs a password , choose a unique password which must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • Your phone number
Zoho mail login

Now that you’ve successfully created your Zoho account, you can now login any time to access the services. To login,  visit the login page from the Zoho mail home page at https://www.zoho.com/mail. Then, click on the login button at the top right hand of the page.

  • As the login page opens, enter your email or phone number
  • Enter the password you used to create the Zoho mail
  •  Click on the sign-in button

How to recover your lost Password

If you lost your password, you can recover it by visiting the login page, then, click on the ‘Forgot Password button below the page. When it appears, enter the required information to recover your lost or forgotten password.


If you’re running a business and wish to go higher, with your storage capacity, Zoho mail is the best and most supporting you can use.


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